We've changed our name to Quickcash!

When you apply or login from Speedymoney you will be directed to the Quickcash website and will be prompted to update your password. In future you can go either straight to Quickcash or via Speedymoney.

While we've changed our name, we've improved our online offering and increased our maximum loan to $2,000.

Thank you for your support and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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About us

SpeedyMoney is a new way to borrow money by offering a totally online service that’s always available. It’s fast, friendly and straightforward with 'no' hidden fees or charges.

SpeedyMoney is an Australian Credit Licensee (No. 450305) and is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

We are a member of the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS Member No. 34070) and a member of the National Credit Providers Association (NCPA).

We are located in Sydney however our service is available Australia-wide.

Applications and Approvals

Our Application process is totally online. It allows us to process your application faster and get money to you sooner. The information we ask for is designed to satisfy the regulatory obligations we have without overburdening you with detailed requirements. It’s fast, easy and convenient.
You apply online via our website at www.speedymoney.com.au. You can also access our service with any mobile device.
SpeedyMoney is an online service and can receive loan applications 24/7.
If you’re 18, an Australian resident and can afford to repay it, then you’re eligible for a loan with us.
You need to be employed and demonstrate a regular income stream to be eligible for a SpeedyMoney loan. It's ok if you receive some form of Government benefits however it can't be your primary source of income.
We will carry out a credit check during the Application process but that doesn’t mean that if you have had problems in the past we’ll automatically reject your Application. We’re more interested in your recent history and your current capacity to repay the loan.
We need to do a few things: we need to verify you are who you say you are; we need to do some basic credit enquiries; and we need to check you can afford the loan you’re asking for. In the past, this would take days to complete, however recent advances in technology have allowed us to carry out these enquiries totally online, in a secure manner. During the Application process we will ask to enter the following information:
  • Your Driver’s Licence Number or your Medicare Card number
  • A valid mobile phone number that is capable of receiving an SMS
  • Your Banking details
By inputting your details we are able to view 90 days of bank account history. This helps us make our lending decisions, assessing whether and if so what amount of credit is affordable and sustainable for you. As a responsible lender, we work with credit reference agencies to review your creditworthiness. As part of that process it is important for us to verify your incomings and outgoings. Ultimately, this will help us ensure that you do not fall in difficulties in making the repayments due under a loan or incurring further costs and charges. We are only permitted a read- only access to your current account, so will only ever be able to view the recent transactions on your account – nothing more. Your bank details are encrypted in transit and stored securely by Yodlee. We do not have the ability to change any of your banking details, set up standing orders/direct debits or to manage your account in any other way. All data is securely handled in accordance with data protection laws and our privacy policy.
No person can access your internet banking details. When you enter your banking credentials on our website they are immediately encrypted. The encrypted details are then passed by Perfect Data Solutions Limited to Yodlee. They are stored in a highly secure data centre which has a single use, which is to generate a read-only data-feed which we will use to assess the affordability of the loan.
As an organisation, security of data and prevention of fraud are fundamental to us. We are committed to using practices to ensure that our services are provided within a secure environment. Your internet banking details are encrypted and held securely by our professional service providers. Our partner, Perfect Data Solutions Limited, Yodlee and us, are permitted read- only access to your current account, so will only ever be able to view your account. We do not have the ability to change any of your banking details or set up standing orders/direct debits. All data is securely handled in accordance with data protection laws and our privacy policy.
They will be used by us to make lending decisions about you and stored by us as long as necessary to assist us in managing your account. It will be also stored by Perfect Data Solutions Limited and Yodlee.
We would recommend that you review the Terms and Conditions of your internet banking provider. Before you decide to submit your banking credentials, we would stress that security is of paramount importance, we would especially mention that:
  • Your data is encrypted in transit;
  • We do not have any functionality over your bank account; and
  • We only have access to a read only service.
The Application process takes less than 5 minutes and you can have your money in minutes, (if you bank with the Commonwealth Bank, sometimes longer with other banks although we aim to give you your money within the hour).
SpeedyMoney is an online business although if we need further information or you need to contact us you can do this using the following details:
Telephone: 02 8599 1083
Email: customersevice@speedymoney.com.au
Fax: 02 9475 4379

Fees and Repayments

Our costs are straightforward however if you have any questions about our fees, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Importantly, contact us as soon as you realise you may have difficulty repaying us on time. There are additional charges as outlined above that may be payable on outstanding balances.
Direct debits usually occur overnight or pursuant to your banks processes. We’ll usually try to schedule your repayment the day your salary or benefit is credited to your bank account.

Loan Features

Yes you can. There are no early payment penalty fees or charges.
Yes you can. If you have repaid your previous loan in full there may be benefits as a repeat customer.

Information Security

Your privacy and security is important to us. We employ the same standards as banks and other online payment companies to ensure that your financial information is safe and secure.
All information is entered through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which means an encrypted connection is created between your system and ours so that any information passed between us is secure.
No. Only if we specifically ask if it’s ok and you agree to it.
Only information that is essential for us to do business with you.


No, we are an online service only.
While we strive to provide you with the best service in the industry, sometimes things don’t go as planned. If you choose to make a complaint to us, please call or email us at
Telephone: 1300 271 902
We’ll reply to your complaint within 48 hours either requesting further information and/or setting out a process and timeframe to resolve it. We’ll also provide you regular updates so you know it is being acted on.
If you’re not satisfied with our proposed resolution, or it takes longer than 30 days, you may contact FOS an independent external dispute resolution service, such as the Financial Ombudsman Service. Their processes are impartial, independent, and free to our customers.
You can contact FOS via their website, www.fos.org.au, or call them directly on 1300 78 08 08.